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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Police in Eaglestone

There's been something or other going on in Eaglestone, but we're not absolutely sure what. Apparently, Carol could hear something going on further down our road. When we drove out this morning on our way to the Academy (which is crazy, I know, as it's so close and most mornings we walk. It's barely a ten-minute walk there along the Redway.) So as we drew out of our parking space (heaven forbid I call it a driveway, which sounds so pretentious.) we could see, as we looked along the road, a police vehicle parked near one of the side roads or closes which run off Golden Drive. Being ever so inquisitive, Carol insisted on driving round to see if we could spot what was going on. The side road was cordoned off with tape, as they always seem to use in any police investigation, and lots of police, some in those overalls they use when they're doing forensic searches. It looked like the set of some sort of television cop dramas, such as 'Morse' or 'Dalziel and Pascoe.' A bit of a cliche, I suppose. But it made us wonder what it was all about. Considering we live within barely 100 yards of the scene, it would be as well to know what criminal activity has been going on so close to home. No doubt we will learn when we see the local news on television in the next couple of days.

A bit later. Just around lunchtime, I saw a couple of policemen in what looked like padded body armour walking past our house in the direction of the cordoned-off area. I did have a furtive glance to see if things were moving forward and it appeared that the cordon is still there as well as the police vehicles.

Today has been exceptionally warm. I have had the windows open all day. Both dogs have been attempting to keep themselves warm. Alfie has been stretched out on the sofa for most of the morning. They are saying that it's been the hottest September day for 50 years. I can well believe it.

Later still.
I have seen a mention of the police activity in our neighbourhood. Apparently, there was a shooting in Osprey Close, just along Golden Drive from our house. As soon as I saw the piece there was a knock at the front door and a man stood there with a clipboard in his hand and a sheaf of forms and asking me if I'd heard anything. Just a complete coincidence that I had only that minute seen about this incident on the internet. He asked me a few questions because they are interviewing everyone in the immediate area, just to find out if anyone saw anything suspicious or heard anything. Carol did say she'd heard something which was why she wanted to drive past Osprey Close early this morning. The detective (or whatever he was.) said he'd come back later to speak to Carol at around 6 o'clock this evening.

So, this blog is becoming quite interesting, keeping my readers fully informed of what is going on and this is quite useful as part of my on-going creative writing.

Even later still. There has been quite a bit more activity regarding the police, in regards to what now turns out to be a murder, and right on our doorstep, it would seem. During the afternoon there was a large vehicle parked directly outside our house, which had a satellite dish, folded down on its room. I recognized it has the up-loader for television broadcasting. As I walked over to meet Carol, as I usually do at 4. 45, I glanced back towards Osprey Close and saw a television camera set up and facing the scene of the incident.

Carol came in from the Academy and I told her that the police were interviewing residents regarding the 'incident' and that I had done this earlier in the afternoon. Just to find out if anyone had seen or heard anything 'suspicious.' We sat down to have our evening meal just as 'Pointless' was coming to an end on BBC1 at 6 o'clock. The police interviewer came to the door and came in to speak to Carol.  He was here for around 15 minutes. We had the BBC local news on, 'Look East' and during this programme, there was an extremely brief piece about the murder in Osprey Close. All of around 25 seconds.

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