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Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year

Well, here we are in a new year. I don't think there'll be that many people who will be sorry that 2016 is over and done with, what with the E.U. Referendum, Donald Trump being elected President in America (mind you, we still have his Inauguration in February to come.) and countless bombings, terrorist attacks, murders and however many famous people dying, amongst them George Michael, David Bowie, Victoria Wood (at 62, far too young. A great talent gone and a huge hole left.) etc etc. You could hardly turn on the news on television without there being news of someone significant reported as kicking the bucket. Nothing but gloom and doom. I just hope 2017 will be better.

As for myself, I'm hoping to do more writing. I have a fairly good story-arc constructed (working on this over the Christmas period. Always amazes me that, giving something a good deal of time and thought how ideas come along. Usually when I least expect them to.) My health is in fairly good order. Carol has had some real health problems to deal with. I just hope she is feeling better in the New Year, what with her recent eye condition and dealing with diabetes.) 2017 will see our 10th wedding anniversary in May and the 11th anniversary of my heart attack. We had a really great summer, visiting no end of National Trust properties as well as those which we can visit, free, as members of the H.H.A. (Historic Houses Association). It was exceptionally warm and pleasant which meant we got out more during the summer months. Having the SatNav made finding some of the more difficult to find properties easier than it might have been. A really clever bit of technology which gets plenty of use. We've been to Whipsnade Zoo on many occasions. The fact we can get in free because Carol is a Fellow makes a great difference. We're hoping to see more theatre in 2017 and in particular I'm looking forward to seeing the musical 'Billy Eliot' which is currently on tour and will be visiting the Milton Keynes Theatre in May.  Just in time for our wedding anniversary. We'll need to book our tickets fairly soon if we're to have a chance of seeing it.

We went to  the Kingston Centre yesterday morning, as Carol needed to get test strips to do her blood sugar tests and it seems that the branch of Boot's the chemist was the only place we could get them. Every shop seems to have sales on. A lot of Christmas stuff going half-price or less. The sort of junk you can, quite frankly, live without. Marks and Spencer's is full of such things as champagne and stuff for the New Year celebrations. We got salad and bits for tonight. We didn't go out but actually saw in 2017. Fireworks going off all over Milton Keynes as midnight came and went. This really upsets Alfie, our Yorkshire Terrier. He just doesn't understand what's going on. The noise did seem to go on a long time.
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