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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Year's Monday Bank Holiday

New Year's Bank Holiday Monday. Carol's last day before she has to return to work at Milton Keynes Academy. We drove up the A5 with the original intention of visiting Stoke Bruerne. But we decided to drive on towards Towcester and go first to Tesco, as we needed milk. Before we came out of Milton Keynes we visited Staples to get some things Carol needed for work. But she forgot to buy a memory stick in Staples as we were on  our way up the A5, so we bought one in Tesco. The alarm went off in the car to tell us the petrol was running low. So we drove on a bit further and went to the Shell garage on the roundabout just outside Towcester. I filled the car and then went into the kiosk to pay. There was a queue at the till and a man at the cashier was ranting and raving about something. I think it was about the fact he couldn't get the carwash to work or something. Totally unnecessary behaviour. Certainly no need to take out his frustration on the poor girl on the till. I don't think I could do that job, having to put up with customers who are aggressive and angry like that man was. Fortunately he walked out of the door and took his anger with him. Myself and the rest of the customers in the queue were very supportive of the cashier.  People seem to have got extremely short tempered recently. There seems to be very little respect for other people. It's the same sort of thing when you're driving, as I've mentioned in earlier posts on here, particularly when drivers have to drive right up close behind you, in an attempt to get you to drive faster and in some instances, cut you up on roundabouts. I paid and we drove off in the car. We went to the garden centre which is opposite the Shell petrol station, called Bell Plantation. We've visited before and had good food in their restaurant. The place is currently being redeveloped and the toilets had been closed and replaced with a temporary building which wasn't particularly easy to find. We had a bit of a browse around after we'd had lattes and sandwiches in the café. Antiques and gift shops and Carol bought some bird feeders and seed and bird food to go on our bird feeder stand in the garden, just in time before the real winter weather sets in. 
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