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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crazy Labels

I take aspirin which is supposed to prevent my blood clotting and hence prevent me having a further heart attack. It is dissolved in water and then drunk daily with my other meds I take. It isn't the sort of aspirin you would take if you have a pain such as a headache or toothache. So why on earth do they say 'contains aspirin' on the label, when it's patently obvious that it's aspirin? What else do you suppose you'd find in an aspirin tablet? Coconut? Tea? Chocolate? Caviar? It's crazy. As bad as having the label on the cardboard cup you get your take-away tea or coffee in which reads, 'warning, contains hot liquid.' Or even the more stupid, 'do not tip as liquid will pour out' or something equally asinine. Why writes these crazy labels, and why? Are they aimed at the totally dumb and stupid? I merely ask as there seems no real basis for truth as to why they have to be so blinking obvious. Like, rain falls down and not up, snow is cold, water is wet, the sky is blue. The list is endless. Some idiotic bureaucrat, sitting in an office somewhere, with nothing better to do. A jobsworth. The same as those idiotic recorded voices on the moving walk-way at Sainsbury's that endlessly tells you to 'hold the handrail and to remember to push your trolley off the walk-way.' What else do they think you're going to do? Just stand there and fall off the end, onto the floor? If you don't push your trolley off the walk-way, are you going to crash into the wall at the end? Just plain nuts in my opinion, for what it's worth, which isn't probably much.
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