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Friday, March 31, 2017

Mild and Almost Spring-Like

Today is the last day of Spring Term at Milton Keynes Academy. Carol now has 17 days holiday. We have been deciding what we're doing, where we want to go to for days out. Hopefully, now the car is back up-and-running, we can get back into the swing of going to Nuffield Health for our regular swims. I have to go down to O.K. Garage to pay for the work they did on the car.

The past couple of days have been incredibly warm and sunny. Definitely spring-like. The blossom is coming out on the trees all along the Redway and the pink and white blossom is out on some of the trees opposite our house. The grass is growing rapidly. Not too rapidly I hope as I've only just cut it and don't really want to have to do it for a week or two. We're getting quite a lot of different birds on our bird feeding station. A pair of robins have been seen. So, we're wondering if we might see a small family of robins in the neighbourhood. It's not quite as bright and sunny as I write this, but one hopes it will warm up as the day progresses. Let's hope the weather remains at least dry for the next couple of weeks so we can get out and about.

Daniel came home yesterday evening. We went to collect him from the Milton Keynes coachway. station, somewhere we've never been to before. He would have had a 6-hour journey from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He has a job interview in Milton Keynes this afternoon. I don't think I could manage to sit on a coach for that distance or even length of time, because in general coaches are uncomfortable. There's never enough leg-room for someone of a little over six foot tall. At least if you're on a train, you can get up and walk about and they have food and drink for sale and decent toilets, although some long-distance coaches have toilets. Mind you, not to put too fine a point on it, try using one when they're moving, no joke.  I had made spaghetti bolognaise for our evening meal. Alfie didn't quite know what to make of Daniel when he came in. As Daniel hasn't been home for at least three years it must have been a bit odd for Alfie, who is used to our routine. He was fine when Daniel sat on the sofa, but when he was sitting on the floor, doing something to Carol's laptop, he wasn't quite so sure. A lot of growling and bearing of teeth.

As I write this, Alfie is outside in the garden barking madly. I'm not sure what it is he's barking at, no doubt a cat or a pigeon has had the brass nerve to enter his own private territory. Anyway, he standing in the middle of the grass-patch (not a lawn. An insult to lawns to call it that.), making a noise, and every time he does, his tails sort of goes all bottle-brushy. I don't think Daniel will want to have an early wake-up call from Alfie, although he won't get much of a choice. We did warn him that, when we take Alfie with us on our walk to the Academy, that Alfie is prone to making his presence known by making a noise.
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