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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Eerie Birds, Building Sheds and Banks

I had to go into the main Milton Keynes shopping centre this morning. I was going to NatWest to close down some direct debits we had for things we no longer needed. It's always a good idea to review such things in an attempt to save some cash. I had parked the car near The Point and as I walked towards the shopping centre I could not help but notice a large amount of big black crows sitting in the trees. I'm not one to take notice of omens, but it was similar to the famous Hitchcock film 'The Birds.' I suppose they are used in film to present something ominous about to happen and are a bit of a cliché in that respect, but for all that they are rather scary.

I was far to early to get into Nationwide building society and I had to sit outside as the shutters were down. A good excuse to check my emails on my new iPhone. I wasn't in there too long and sorted out some direct debits on that account and then had to cross the road to visit the NatWest bank which is under the Milton Keynes Council offices. Unfortunately they weren't due to open until 10.00, so I had to go away and waste a good 20 minutes in the shopping centre. A lot of new work going on in the centre, it's being up-graded with new entrances and given a real smart look. I suppose it must be a good 40 years old and was certainly beginning to look it's age. 

The toilets ar being up-graded. Not such a bad thing I suppose. Then I walked back to the NatWest and found them open, but I then had to queue up for a good 10 minutes. The door squeaked horribly and it was annoying as I stood and waited. You'd think they could get an oil can out and give it a squirt, just to stop the irritating noise, but never mind. The place is gradually being taken over by automation. You can take money out via 'hole-in-the-wall- machines, or A.T.M.'s, but you can also pay money in, cheques as well as notes. So the job of tellers must be on the line. I suppose it gives you an alternative to standing in line to pay in by the traditional method, and they aren't that difficult to use. They can even give a receipt, a copy of a cheque if you pay in that way. Both my banks have them now. How on earth they manage to read the cheque without you having to key in the amount is beyond me. Just goes to show how clever technology is becoming.

Our dearly-beloved neighbour is making hammering noises once again. Over the last weekend we had to contend with him working on his new shed. Well, I call it 'new' in the sense that it's new to the garden next door, but from viewing it from our bedroom window and slight glimpses when I've looked over the fence, it looks ancient. I can't for the life of me think where he got it. Someone else no doubt wanted to be rid of it and he took it off them. Then I'm wondering, how on earth did he get it here? Was it taken apart and then re-assembled in next door's garden? That can be the only answer, but we never saw any of this work. But now he's nailing wood all over the thing as the edge of the roof was somewhat rotten, or at least that's how it looked to me. The whole of their garden looks for all the world like a building site, with bricks, wood and other material stacked up all over the place. No doubt Shelley (Gary's wife) got sick to death of all his tools and bits and pieces and told him he needed a shed to store it all. Which is my only suggestion. Unfortunately it is us who have to contend with the hammering and other extraneous noises as he builds the confounded thing.
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