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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Snap General Election and Other Matters

So, Teresa May has called a snap General Election for 8th June. I'm not sure how I feel about this. If it's to get her the 'mandate' she needs to allow her to get the authority regarding Brexit (I do so hate this word.) then I suppose I can see the reasoning, but I think the British public must be heartily sick of votes of one kind or another. I still think the politicians who set up the E.U. Referendum in June last year, those who framed the legislation which allowed it, should be ashamed of themselves, for not making the size of the majority, either for or against, large enough before a decision was made for remaining in the E.U., or leaving it. The fact that the majority to leave was far too small, barely I% to leave, was far too small for  Brexit to go ahead. There should have been a second referendum on the subject. Also, most people who voted probably had not the slightest idea what the E.U. was. I blame politicians for this, not making it clear what the benefits of our membership were or, on the opposite side, what the de-benefits were (if, indeed, there is such a term. But you get my idea. Or, at least, I hope you do.)

Well, enough of politics. I'm just glad that the General Election will be over in around 7 weeks. At least we don't have to have it going on relentlessly the way the American electoral system works. 

It's been fairly sunny for the past few days, but even so, it's not all that warm. There was a slight frosting on the car windscreen this morning. We're continuing to walk to the Academy each morning and we're still taking Alfie with us. He seems to be getting a good deal better at walking on his lead. I think just taking him regularly is improving his behaviour.

Yesterday morning I cut the grass. I did it really early, taking advantage of the fact that it was sunny. If you don't cut it regularly the machine won't do it's job properly. I don't think it's really up to cutting very long grass. Infact, it's really designed for a really nice manicured lawn, made of decent turf. Our bit of grass (I still refuse to term it 'lawn' as it doesn't in the last resemble a 'lawn.') It's all uneven humps and bumps. We saw some really nice turf the other day when we visited Frost's garden centre in Worburn Sands, when we went for a coffee and really nice scones and cream in their restaurant. Carol's last outing of the Easter holiday.

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