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Friday, April 21, 2017

New iPhone and other Computer Technology

We recently invested in a new iPhone. I say 'we' because we both decided it was a necessity. I would be using it. It was a necessity, really. I'd had a Samsung Galaxy J1 for over a year, purchased from Sainsbury's. It started out as a reasonable smart phone. Not too difficult to use. But it didn't really live up to expectations. I realise that, for what it cost, it wasn't going to be exactly a state-of-the-art model. I wasn't expecting it to. I had held off for a long time getting a smart phone, having only needed a mobile phone for the occasional voice call or text message. Carol has a basic model, almost a 'retro' model. Easy to use, for text and phoning. You can't put apps on it. It suits her for what she needs it for. Texting me and so I can text her.

Back to the Samsung. It was a SIM free model, meaning we could select the provider it would be connected to. We went for 02, with a 'bundled' package, so many texts, calls and data for internet connection and it costs £10 per month. All fine for a while. Then we realised the mobile wasn't up to much. It cost around £70. Not bad I suppose. But Android, the operating system, isn't that good. After a year and a few months of putting up with the Samsung's strange little quirks (I won't go into them too much) and the fact that you can't download many useful apps onto it, due to the lack of memory, we decided to go with a new iPhone. Not the latest model, but an iPhone 5, purchased from Very. And what a difference it has made, moving onto that phone! I have always used Apple Macintosh computers for years. I've never used anything else. Ever since I did my degree course, and learning IT. I had never used a computer before. Although I lie through my teeth. I had an early Amstrad word processor many years ago, when they first came out, I suppose in the early 1990's. The machine cost around £200. No such thing as the internet in  those days. A screen with black background and green text. Strange little floppy disks, sort of lozenge-shaped, not the square sort that came out and became very popular as time went on. Infact, these disks couldn't be used in other machines, only in Amstrad computers. But it did teach me how to use a computer, even though it was very basic.

We joined the A.A. after we had trouble with our car and broke down on he M1 and needed rescuing (actually we had a breakdown service with our Swinton car insurance package which rescued us on this occasion and bought us home.) But we then moved to the A.A. as we took our an insurance package which meant, if we broke down, we would not only get rescued, but any car maintenance problems would be covered which meant we didn't have to pay any more than £35. Also, if we had the A.A. app on our smartphone, it would allow the breakdown service to find us easier. Which is great, because if you do breakdown, and you can't tell them exactly where you are, it would be more difficult to find you. So, this app was put on the Samsung and now transferred on to the iPhone.

Let's just say that the new iPhone works like a dream. It does what it is supposed to. As for the Samsung, well, it's definitely not fit for purpose. I realise the iPhone cost a good deal more, but I do expect a thing to work as it's supposed to when I buy whatever it is. So, no going back to using substandard equipment. Nothing further for me to report.
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