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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sky Q Box playing Up

We up-graded our Sky package some while ago and have SkyQ. The Sky Q box has a far greater hard-drive capacity. You can record something like 300 hours of material if you are that way inclined. You can also record around 4 programmes on at the same time, which can be useful. Ours came with two remotes, one the more traditional remote, but the second one works with a sort of 'touch' facility and a large central section which works in a similar way to a 'touch pad' on a laptop computer, in the place of a traditional computer mouse. The 'touch' remote ceased functioning a couple of weeks ago. We assumed it must have required new batteries, as all these gadgets require their batteries replacing regularly. Usually AAA sized batteries, which be got in Morrison's a couple of weeks ago when we did our usual weekly shop. I put them in the remote, but the thing still didn't work. The remote hasn't been dropped or damaged in any way, so there's no real reason for it not to work. We've also had problems getting the SkyQ box to start when it's initially turned on, most particularly when we want to see BBC Breakfast first thing in the morning. We have a mini box in our bedroom which feeds the smaller television we bought from Sainsbury's. It's supposed to work via the wifi router in the hall downstairs but it never seems to do that and needs re-booting. You have to turn on the main box in the lounge and then it's meant to 'talk' to the mini box in our bedroom. 

Last Friday I had to go into the main Milton Keynes shopping centre as I needed to go to NatWest. Having some time spare before I went to the bank (as they open at 9.30) I happened to walk past the Sky display and asked the man on duty there about the Sky Q touch remote not working, so he said if I rang the Sky helpline I could order a new one. Well, as we pay a fair amount monthly for our Sky package, which includes telephone, internet and television, it it seemed only fair that we have all our equipment working as it should. I had to look for the telephone number on the Sky website when I got home and then had to endure the wait when I eventually got through, a voice telling me that 'all agents are busy. Your call is important to us. Please hold and one of our agents will speak to you.' Some hope. You have to go through the usual list of numbers and options. 1- Change your package 2- Make a payment 3- Complaints etc etc. A lot of it is done with automated machinery. You put in a key password or voice-activated, speak 'yes' or 'no' to some of the questions. Ingenious, I know, but I'm not over-keen. I gave up after about ten minutes as I really wanted to speak to a human.

I had another go at ringing the Sky helpline. No success at getting through at the next attempt, but I eventually go through, having made it through the menu selection and eventually got to speak to a really lovely lady who knew what she was doing. She took me through the re-booting process a couple of times and I mentioned the fact that the touch remote wasn't working and that I'd tried it with new batteries, but still it didn't work. She had a definite sense of humour. Some of the people who work in call centres, answering the phone and helping people with their queries, are generally a dull set of folk. But she was different, I have to say. I could hear a strange clanking sound in the background. I mentioned it, and she said it was due to a campaign going on regarding Sky Mobile. In the office they were making tin-can phones, the sort of thing children made when I was a child, cocoa tins with string attached and you drew the string tight, and, over a considerable distance, you talked into the tin and could hear one another speak. Crazy thing to do in an office, I thought. But that was going on besides trying to get our SkyQ box sorted as well as the touch remote. It might have something to do with the remote not working which is my the Sky Q box is playing up. It couldn't be fixed there and then, with her giving me instructions, re-booting the thing by turning it off at the wall socket and so on and on. It was getting annoying that it couldn't be fixed. She said that a Sky engineer could come and fix it and made an appointment for next Monday morning. So hopefully, once the engineer has been, things will return to normal. Whether this fixes the touch remote it wasn't clear, but if it doesn't then we'll be given a new one to replace it.
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