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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Drive Through Woburn Park

We regularly drive to Woburn Abbey and go through the park, to have a look at the deer. Also, the road which leads into the estate has some really spectacular rhododendron bushes along it's sides. At this time of the year they are in full bloom. Unfortunately there are other drivers on the roads who aren't bothered about the scenic beauty of the countryside and would rather speed past. We had to drive right through the park and make a circuit of the countryside and then return, and were then held up by a lone cyclist, which was annoying, but it meant we could deliberately slow down so that I could take some photographs of these stunning blooms, but those cars which got caught behind us were not too pleased and honked their horns when we held them up. I feel so sorry for those motorists who have little patience for anyone else on the roads and won't tolerate a driver who is looking at the scenery.

Rhododendrons along road leading into Woburn Park

We got to the main junction in the centre of Woburn where there is usually a hold-up. Some sort of farmer's market on along the road-side. We sped on towards Woburn Sands and visited Frost's garden centre where we had lattes in their café. As I've probably mentioned before, they've recently upgraded this garden centre and have improved the restaurant and the area we had our coffees is a new outlet. We bought bread and a cauliflower in the food hall and then a further brief wander around, browsing some of the items on sale, including the Weird Fish clothing concession and then home to Milton Keynes. 
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