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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chest Pains

Incidentally, for those that know me. Don't be alarmed by this post. I am alright. Not in hospital or anything. Just my intention to journal everything that happens to me and this is part of that effort. I'm at home and fine as I write this. So, read on . . .

I've had a really annoying cough for the last couple of weeks. It's not connected to a cold, or anything else. I've been fine for the past couple of years.  No cold or anything similar. No flu, basically because I have a flu jab every year. I might have had a glitch as regards angina attacks, but they're under control. I was given isoborbide mononitrate by my doctor some while ago after I was rushed to hospital after a particularly bad angina attack that didn't go away. Those tablets do help relive the pain and act in the same way as the main ingredients of my G.T.N. spray.  In fact I have a couple which I keep handy. One lives more or less permanently on the bookshelf in the lounge and I have one in my bag for when we go swimming. I gave a few puffs under my tongue before swimming or if there's a chance of an attack, particularly if I need to exert myself which can bring on an angina attack. If I sit down for a couple of minutes the pain goes away. When the cough didn't go away I went to Boot's over at Westcroft and bought some linctus which helps relieve the cough. Carol did me a  hot lemon and honey drink which I had on Friday evening. But then I had a really bad attack. A really bad pain in my chest. It didn't go away, even with the G.T.N. spray. I have to admit that I did begin to panic. Usually these pains go off after about five minutes. Carol told me to just lay down on the bed and relax. I did this, but still the pain went on. I was reminded on how my heart attack began. I didn't realise that I was having a heart attack and thought that the pain I was experiencing was caused by indigestion. I know it sounds crazy, but heartburn and the feelings you have in your chest when you experience a heart attack are very similar. This time I took a couple of ranitide tablets, which are intended to relieve heartburn. It took several hours for the discomfort to go off, but I have to admit that while all this was going on, it was quite scary. I have done some research on the internet and found that I'm not the only person to find heartburn of this sort of intensity to panic somewhat. Heartburn isn't actually connected with your heart and is caused by acid or something.

Anyway, the heartburn gradually subsided. But it's not something that you want to ignore, particularly if it doesn't immediately go away. Would you delay calling 999 for an ambulance? It could always be a genuine heart attack and not just caused by a really bad dose of indigestion.
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