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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Warm Weather

Well, it seems that summer has finally arrived. Yesterday was supposed to have been the warmest day of the year (so far) according to the weather forecast on BBC Breakfast this morning. It seems that it's likely to last for a few days more. I just hope it stays warm into next week as Carol is on Half Term and we're planning the usual days out, most likely visiting National Trust and H.H.A. properties (that's the Historic Houses Association.) We got new membership cards for both organisations and we want to explore some new places we haven't been to before.

Gary (our neighbour) came round yesterday evening. He had to nail a piece of timber onto the fence on our side. I'm not entirely sure what it was for, so I must go and have a look. Apparently the sections of what we imagined was another shed turns out to be a summerhouse, although we can't see where on earth it's going to fit in their garden as it's about the same size as ours so by the time it's constructed they'll have very little space left. He came to collect the loppers he lent me some while ago which I used to cut back the annoying branches which grow along the fence. Actually the same trees (for want of a better word) have come back so I'll have to have another go at cutting them with loppers I have since bought from B and Q. Gary has now managed to cut back the brambles from the roof of the shed. Carol was concerned that he was going to stand on the roof of the shed to do this work, but it wouldn't have been a good idea because the shed is in a very poor state of repair and I doubt it would take his weight. 

I have managed to cut the grass. I did around half of it yesterday morning as it was sunny and finished it off early this morning. Done well before 8 o'clock. I didn't want to spend any time next week mowing so that is why I did it this week.

Carol is doing visits to the pupils on work experience. I occasionally go with her. I can't believe it's a year ago since she was visiting pupils doing their out-of-school placements. There's one she has to visit this afternoon at Hobbycraft, which is across the city at Rooksley.

Alfie doesn't particularly like it when it's hot. He can never find a spot which is cool enough for him to lay down. I'm glad we had him clipped last week. He keeps moving around the house to find the coolest spot. I'm really glad I finished mowing the grass when I did because now it's far too hot (10.15 a.m.) .

Some confusion when we drove to Tesco in Oldbrook Boulevarde earlier this morning. There were traffic cones blocking off part of the road going towards Four Bridges Roundabout near Eaglestone and Saxon Street going into the city centre was closed. Lots of workmen in those luminous orange high-visability jackets and a large digital screen with the words 'Closed for 2 Days' on it. It would appear that the road surface along that stretch of Saxon Street is being re-surfaced. I can't say I'm annoyed that we had to take a detour to avoid this work, as the road surface has become really bad with potholes the entire length. I'm wondering which section will be next for the work.
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