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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Electric Cooker Breaksdown

So, after an eventful couple of hours attempting to get Carol's prescription of antibiotics, we arrived home and began to prepare our evening meal. On attempting to cook some potatoes in the oven, Carol discovered that the oven wasn't heating properly. We came to the conclusion that the oven had broken-down, and was, frankly, past repair. It seems that a great many household items, such as washing machines, ovens and fridge/freezers, are never built to last. I have to say, the electric oven which is a Beko, hasn't worn well. It has rusted very badly, the surfaces are not sufficiently robust enough for family life. I would say that it gets a fair amount of use and used daily. It has a ceramic hob which is it's best feature and far easier to clean than a great many other styles of cooker-hob. The cooker which was in this house when we arrived around 6-7 years ago had been installed by the landlord. As you will be aware, if you've read these blog-posts over the years, you will have discovered that our beloved landlord doesn't like parting with cash. He replaced the cooker when it broke down only a few years after we moved in. That wasn't up to much. I believe it was a Bush. Cheap and cheerful, although I can never understand why 'cheap' and 'cheerful' are placed together. Definitely nothing cheerful about that old cooker. It eventually came to a sticky end, when, one morning, I came downstairs to make tea as I usually do, to discover the thing sparking dangerously. I cautiously turned the thing off at the wall and we realised that it would need replacing. No point in contacting our landlord as he would make a fuss and anyway, most likely say that he'd already replaced the thing (thinking back, perhaps we did contact him and that was his response.) He'd just buy the cheapest model which would end up being scrapped after about two or three years. So we were left with no alternative but to buy our own. We went on Amazon and found a decent model, also, bearing in mind that we would need to buy a model to fit the space once the old cooker was removed. Always a good point to not get one too wide as it wouldn't fit the space.

We have a Very account and have bought quite a lot of items through them. So we decided to buy our new electric cooker through them and chose a suitable Hotpoint model. It will be delivered on Tuesday and will be installed and the old cooker removed and disposed of. So that is one less problem to worry about. Just have to make sure we're in on Tuesday to receive the cooker and to oversee it's installation.
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