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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Car Fails It's MOT

We traded in our Hyundai Matrix for an Atos, as we were finding the Hyundai was getting really expensive to run. We had seen an advertisement in the local paper back in February and decided to go and see this car at a local trader's showroom near Leighton Buzzard. Carol had already owned an Atos some years ago, and thought that if we could do a deal on the Matrix it would make sense financially. We got a reasonable price for the Matrix and a deal was done, and we also got some cash spare for other things, which seemed a bonus. The bright green Atos is cheaper not only as regards petrol, but Road Tax and insurance, as it come into the lower engine size and hence, lower running costs. The Matrix was really comfortable and great for long journeys, but we had decided some while ago that we didn't need such a large vehicle. We can fill the Atos up with a tankful of petrol and we are able to keep on driving for a great deal longer than with the Matrix, so in that respect it seems a sensible move.

The MOT ran out at the end of last month, so I took it to the garage we usually go to in Bletchley. Unfortunately the car failed quite badly, mainly on brakes and tyres, so we have had to spend quite a lot on having it brought up to standard to pass the MOT. I took the car in on Monday morning, and have only just managed to collect it today (Thursday.)

The day has turned out really bright and sunny, compared with the past few days which have been really miserable and overcast. Generally, it can be quite cold and misty first thing in the morning, but as the day progresses and the sun comes out it can become quite warm and pleasant.

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