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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strictly Come Dancing and Saturday Television

Oh dear, what's happening? I sat and watched ALL of 'Strictly Come Dancing' yesterday evening. I'm not exactly a fan, although Carol loves it. I find anything 'celebrity' orientated, or 'reality television' totally awful, but this is somehow engrossing. I have never seen what was so interesting in seeing a group of really boring individuals sitting around in a house (ie. 'Big Brother') or a load of celebrities in the middle of a jungle doing really stupid things, but the dancing in 'Strictly' is quite good. Although the prospect of someone like Anne Widdecombe or Paul Daniels making a complete fool of themselves on the dance floor is quite amusing. At least she doesn't take it too seriously and is really self-deprocating. Anyway, what is so wonderful about 'celebrity' and what is a celebity, anyway? They're just people doing a job, but in the public eye. In general they're just self-promoting individuals who know how to play the Public Relations game. The show is really just a way of selling tabloid newspapers, because everytime something happens to them, such as them falling over in rehearsals or saying something awful about someone else, it appears in the newspapers the next day. I'm not over-keen when the judges say something nasty about the contestants, particularly Craig Revel-Horwood. He's really negative about most of the dancers. I'd love to now what his qualifications are for actually being a judge on this show. I don't think the audience actually like him, because they always boo whenever he says anything negative about any of the contestants.

Yesterday we did some shopping, and I have to report that Christmas is coming! We saw Christmas cards, and the usual pre-Christmas junk which the supermarkets foist on us three months before the actual Festive period. Asda, where this was seen, has an aisle which you can't avoid as you enter the store, which is currently fully of Hallowe'en tat. This is where the 'Seasonal' goods seem to go. It may be Bonfire Night items one week, Valentine's Day items around about Mid-January, Easter eggs, or in this case severed arms, legs, and other mutifarious bodyparts which constitute good taste for Hallow e'en.Who really wants a false severed arm, covered in blood? What do you do with it?? Or, in the matter of Christmas items, puddings, mince pies, wrapping paper, chocolate Christmas tree decorations??? Are we expected to store these things somewhere in our homes, for three months until Christmas Day? We've got little space to store everyday items, such as cleaning materials, toilet rolls, and all the things you don't generally want just lying around your home on public display, but all this Christmas tat, where are we supposed to keep it? And do the food items (ie, puddings, chocolate, mincepies) have a long enough 'best before' date that they don't deteriate before the 25th December.)

Before I sign off this post, I must just mention that I haven't had any work from Casting Collective. I did mention towards the beginning of this blog, it must be back in October or November last year that I was going to sign up with this film/television extra Supporting Artiste agency in London. Well, I have had not a single day's work out of them. They have texted me on several occasions for work, and 'put me forward' for several things, for example, a film with Colin Firth called 'The King's Speech', another, a Disney movie called 'John Carter of Mars' but not a sniff of a day's work on that. There has been a Channel Four series being made in Oxford called,  I can't remember the name, but I didn't get chosen for that, and quite a few more bits and pieces, including a commercial for Bulmer's cider being made in Henley on Thames and 'Johnny English 2' which was being made in Milton Keynes, which would have been good as I wouldn't have had to drive far, but not a sniff, sneeze or otherwise on actually being used. So that lets you know what happened with that agency. And they emailed me to ask if I was interested in continuing with my membership for next year. My answer will be a big no, unless you cast me in something DEFINITE and actually USE ME!
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