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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Coughs and Sneezes

I'm currently afflicted with the annual cold. Really unpleasant. Blocked up nose, sinuses, hearing very affected, generally under the weather. I know that the 'flu jab won't have any effect on getting a cold as it's caused by a totally different  strain of virus, but it's really annoying s it takes so long to get under control and to clear up. I can't take a lot of medications that you can get 'over the counter' at a chemist's or pharmacy, such as Sudafed, Night Nurse etc, as they contain ingredients that can effect your blood pressure if you are taking any sort of heart medication as I am. I know I can't take Nurofen or Ibuprofen and had a long conversation with the pharmacist in my local branch of Boots. I am currently using Olbas oil as an inhalation, a small drop in boiling water and then breathed in, and Olbas oil on tissues which does help to clear the nose somewhat, but I am now taking Covonia cough mixture three times a day which is gradually easing things. The worst thing is at night when all the phlegm runs onto my chest and makes me cough. I worry that too much coughing might bring on a further heart attack. Anything hot helps, even a cup of tea or coffee, a good soak in a hot bath or a shower does relieve things considerably.
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