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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Unexpected Snow and Ice

We woke this morning to snow and ice. The weather forecast on BBC 1 didn't predict snow this far south, mostly rain. Carol looked on the Academy website to check if the Academy was going to be open, as it seems that it doesn't take much to close that place.  Alfie and Poppy are somewhat surprised by the 'cold white stuff' which has taken over the garden. I think Poppy likes it, because last year, when we had snow, she seemed to relish being in it. Alfie's not so sure, as he doesn't like extremes of temperature, either very hot of cold. He's quite content to get back under the duvet until things warm up.

This photo was taken around 8.15 and shows snow in our garden. Not particularly heavy fall, but enough.

This next is showing the street outside our front door, again at around 8.15 this morning.

Yesterday when I went over to collect her at 3.30 I couldn't work out what was going on. Apparently they'd had an incident with a burst water pipe and there were firemen walking about the place. She later told me that the children had been sent outside as alarms were set off.
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