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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cinema Visit To see Les Miserables

We went to see the film of 'Les Miserables' yesterday. I've been looking forward to seeing this film for quite some while, and have read reviews of it and been following quite a few blogs on it's making so was more than keen to go and see it. I have seen the stage version, which I really enjoyed, and as a result have  CDs of the music so I'm very familiar with it. I have recently just completed reading the novel by Victor Hugo which is the basis for both the stage and film versions.

We decided to go to an early showing at the Cineworld multiplex within the Excape complex in Milton Keynes. We took Sam to work as he had to be there at 8.30 so we had lots of time spare before the film started. We got into the centre of Milton Keynes and fortunately we parked just opposite the Excape and went to get our tickets in good time and then went to Costa for coffee. Around 9.50 we decided to go into the cinema and found the auditorium completely empty, so it seemed that we'd be the only people watching the film, but a few more turned up, although even then it wasn't very full. The showing began, but not before we had to sit through a good 40 minutes of advertising and trailers for forthcoming films. Why is it that they advertise the film for 10.10  but it doesn't actually begin for a good half hour or so? Had we known, we could have skipped the confounded ads and trailers. 

I have to say that the film was well worth the wait. It exceeded expectations. Hugh Jackman as Jean Jaljean was really good. He managed to convey the character with extreme conviction as well as having a good singing voice, as did Russell Crowe as Javert. When I first learned that he was to be in the film I had my doubts, but he was really good. The film has an epic quality to it, and the sets, costumes and camerawork are excellent and it deserves to win at the Oscar ceremony. In fact I can go as far as saying that I can highly recommend it as a movie. My only criticism is the cost of the cinema tickets, at a little over £9 it seems a very expensive.
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