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Friday, July 18, 2014

More Thunder and Lightening

The earlier storm came to an end after around half an hour, but by 4 o'clock there was another almighty storm with heavy rain. I had gone downstairs and Alfie had followed me the time the first storm hit and when I returned to the bedroom I thought he had followed me but it turned out he got caught in the lounge with the door shut. He couldn't get out and I could hear his scratching on the door so I went back downstairs to let him out. If it had been Poppy she would have made a real fuss, barking and whining, but Alfie doesn't do this. He then shot upstairs and into the bedroom. There was quite a stream of water running down Golden Drive when I went to the loo later as the window was wide open to let in fresh air. It has certainly refreshed the air as it was getting very stuffy. Carol doesn't like thunder but actually I quite enjoy a good old electric storm with the whole works, lightening, rolling thunder and so on.
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