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Monday, March 02, 2015

Changeable Weather

The car had ice on it's windscreen early this morning, but it soon melted away. A little later we had thin, drizzly rain and that turned into snow. This became quite heavy, along with gusts of wind, but as I write this, at 10.05 a.m. the sun is out and it's almost spring-like. Alfie, our little Yorkie, loves the sunshine and loves to lay in any pool of sunshine he can find. Both dogs have taken to barking randomly. They started doing this yesterday afternoon as we were watching television. We couldn't decide what set them off. No sign of either of our neighbour's cats. No doubt they can hear something that we can't or maybe they can see people moving past on the Redway which are visible through the gap in the fence. If a dog barks as it's being walked along the Redway that seems to set them off.
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