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Monday, May 18, 2015

Wind, Rain and now Sunshine!

What a mixed lot of weather we've had today. It's been blowing a gale for most of the day, to such an extent that I'm really surprised that the rest of the garden fence hasn't been totally blown away, what there is left of it. It also rained hard and was making noises as it fell and hitting the windows. I went to the Ashfield Medical Centre to get an appointment this morning at around 7.45. It was raining quite hard but I had the foresight to wear my coat with a hood so it wasn't too bad. I managed to get an appointment with Doctor Haye at 3.10 p.m., but when I did eventually get in to see the doctor it was more like 3.25 or there about. Having peered into both my ears with the gadget doctors use to inspect your ears he has prescribed me Otomize ear spray. The problem is caused by ear wax, which isn't unsurprising. He also prescribed Daktacort for dry skin and rash. I have also got an appointment on 2nd June to have my ears syringed by the nurse.  I went into Cox and Robinson's pharmacy a few doors along to get both prescriptions made up. A lot of the same people wandered in from the doctor's surgery, also collecting their prescriptions. Interesting over-hearing conversations, which you can't really avoid as some people have very loud voices. People's addiction to their mobile phones intrigues me. It seems a lot of people would be lost without them.  Loud conversations on these gadgets as well as being able to hear the person on the other end of the line which you can hear loud and clear. In some ways, having a hearing problem because of ear-wax might be preferable in the case of these conversations. As I write this, back home in the living room, I can see the sun is out although there is quite a strong wind blowing. I'll be off to walk over to the Milton Keynes Academy in around 20 minutes to collect Carol. I have made a cottage pie for our dinner, already and waiting to heat in the oven.
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